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Blogs II

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To get you to reflect and post comments on blogs about this Connecting East experience


Blogs Redux


For those of you who want to review what a blog is -- and how they're useful -- you can always go back to Blogs Part I.


Or you could read this summary of blogs in education by Stephen Downes, a prominent Canadian educational technologist.




Exercises to try




1. Go back to the Connecting East Blog and for each of the 10 posts, leave a comment about its usefulness, the clarity of instruction, your level of understanding and the level of difficulty.




1.  Complete the novice tasks

2.  Both Katie & Keri-Lee have blogged about running this initiative. Read Katie's blog post and leave a comment and read Keri-Lee's blog post and leave a comment.




1.  Complete the novice and apprentice tasks.

2.  Set up your own blog and send us the link. You may find this site has a useful overview about different blog providers (blogger and edublogs).

**Note: edublogs has recently begun embedding advertisements in blog posts unless you become an edublogs supporter, so we would recommend starting with blogger**




1.  Complete the novice tasks.

2.  Write a blog post about this Connecting East experience on your own blog.

3.  Email us the link so we can read and share it.



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