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Help - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


I haven't even started the tasks. Is it too late?

Absolutely not! The tasks are online and aren't going anywhere! If you want to be eligible for the prizes, the 10 tasks need to be finished by the end of term 3. That's aaaaages away! Don't panic!


I am way behind. Am I still allowed to come to Fruity Fridays?

Of course! Fruity Fridays are drop-in sessions for you to get support on anything related to any of the tasks so far. We are also happy to help at any other time that suits you – provided we're not teaching! Come and find us.


How do I get to the site? What do I click on?

We have prepared business cards to help you remember, which we will give out this week , but in the meantime you can click on the link to the blog in the email we send out.

Alternatively, why not add this link to your Delicious, then we'll only ever be a couple of mouse-clicks away:



The blog (above) provides an overview of the week's tasks and links to the wiki, which has the details of what to do each week.


What do I do if I have tried to complete the tasks, but can't do them?

Come to Fruity Fridays or come and find us at any time for support. We are happy to help at any time!


Or just e-mail either Katie or Keri-Lee


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