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image generation and avatars

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Image generators allow you to make personalized or unique images to use in documents or websites.  Click on the image below (which is itself a generated image) to see examples we have created using various free online tools.



Avatars are customized pictures or icons used to represent you, without having to show your actual photo. They are a great way of maintaining an element of privacy online.  For example, here is Keri-Lee's avatar which she uses on her blogs (such as the Grade 4 one).




Exercises to try




1.  Generate a customized image using either ImageChef or Picnik. Use ImageChef if you prefer to select from a set of given images, ready for your customized text.  Use Picnik if you want to edit or customize text on a photo you upload.  See the examples we created using those programs and others. 

2.  Send your new image to us attached or included in an email.




1.  Complete the Novice tasks above.

2.  Generate an avatar using a webcam.  (NB:  some avatar generators allow you to create avatars from uploaded photos.)  **If you don't have a webcam on your computer, come into the IT room for the photo part of this exercise-- all our lab computers have webcams attached.** Create your avatar using Cameroid. Click on the snap tab, select allow, change the filters on the right and GO!

3. Attach your avatar to an email and send it to us.




1. Complete the Apprentice tasks above

2. Generate an avatar by building a cartoon version of yourself.  Create your avatar using  face-your-manga and/or Weemee. Use Jing to take a screen shot of your image (if you don't want to register and download).

3. Attach your avatar to an email and send it to us.




1.  Complete the Practitioner tasks above

2.  Generate an animated avatar.  Create your walking/talking avatar using voki.

3.  Send us the link in an email.



Further exploration


Websites with links to all kinds of sign and avatar generators






Other avatar generators to try





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