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First, a funny one...


 Apple presents the iRack


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You may have seen a version of the following video -- in which faces morph to classical music.  This guy -- Philip Scott Johnson -- has done several.  I've given you Visage d'Art, but if you like it, go watch his Women in Film, Men in Film, Women in Art, etc.


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On to education...


Learning to Change, Changing to Learn

Recognize any of the faces?  An international who's who of education -- names provided at the end.  Stephen Heppell is my favorite...


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This next one is an example of how one award-winning ICT teacher in the UK -- Tim Rylands -- has raised the standards of literacy in his primary classroom by using video games like Myst III: Exile as a springboard for writing.


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TED Talks


It's hard to pick a few favorites.  I often go to the TED website to perk up my brain at the end of a day.


Speaking of brains, here's Jill Bolte-Taylor: My Stroke of Insight.  Talk about the power of narrative...


(If the video doesn't appear below, click here to watch it on the TED website.)



Chris Jordan is a photographer who is documenting the excess of modern life.  After watching his talk, go check out his work on his website.

(If the video doesn't appear below, click here to watch it on the TED website.)




Atomic Learning


I am a bit of a Google junkie and I hate the Zimbra email interface, so my first choice of Atomic Learning videos is the series of tutorials on Gmail, an application I urge you to try, if you haven't done so already.


Second, they offer a workshop on Web 2.0 tools.  It covers more tools than we're going to have time to introduce you to in this initiative, so if you don't think we've given you enough help and support, please have a look here and see if they explain things any better. 





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